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The fastest and most secure way to get your tax refund is by opting for a direct deposit of your return. You don't have to wait for a paper check through snail mail and the funds will be instantly available to you.

4 Reasons You May Want To Direct Deposit Your Refund

1. Convenience. It's just that simple. You grab your 1040ez or other tax paperwork. Start your free efile online, and typically within 10 days you have your refund in the bank.

2. It's the most secure. What if your paperwork gets lost in the mail? What if the post office says it is undeliverable? What if it takes an extra few days to get to the destination? With Direct Deposit, these risks are gone and you'll even get an electronic confirmation from the IRS.

3. It's Quick. Once you have completed the online questions to help fill out your tax information just enter the correct banking information which is typically your account and bank routing number.

4. Direct Deposit options. You can have your refund distributed to more than 1 account. By using hte split refund option you can divide your refund into as many as three checking or savings accounts.

For information about direct deposit of your tax refund and the split refund option, check the instructions for your tax form. This and other helpful tips are available in IRS Publication 17 can provide more information about using the split refund option. Just visit the Forms and Publications section on IRS.gov. You can also call 800-TAX-FORM (800-829-3676).